Find of the Week: Carmel Beauty

We’ve been busy designing recently for a bunch of exciting events coming up, that it’s taken us to some fun places.  Wanna know what we’re designing for?  We’ll be sharing more about that next week, so stay tuned!  If you can’t wait and want a sneak peek, check out our recent Instagram and you’ll get an idea of what we’re doing and who we’re working with.  But, today we’re sharing our find of the week and this week it’s all about Carmel.  Yes, that lovely seaside town just down Highway 1.

While Carmel isn’t a new find, it’s such a beauty.  If you’ve never been, or just haven’t been in a while, take a drive and spend the day there.  You can go from the beautiful hills of Carmel Valley to the sandy beaches.  Make yourself a picnic (there are great eats in Carmel), cop a squat somewhere and just enjoy the view.  And then go explore the town, the shops, and the surroundings.  There are lots of fun inspiration for those design-minded and it’s not hard to see why someone would want to get married here.

Quail Meadows wedding venue at the Quail Lodge in Carmel

Rustic doors in Carmel

Dreams start here sign in Carmel

Bird on the beach in Carmel

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