Find of the Week: Edwardian Wedding Ring

Hello and welcome to the weekend!  As you’ve probably noticed our post this week is called find of the week.  Sometimes we come across something online or offline that we just want to share, so our weekly pin of the week is evolving to be more inclusive. We’ll be sharing whatever awesome thing we discover through our designs, travels and just by walking around.  And to kick it off, this week we wanted to share an amazing wedding ring.  One of our favorite local jewelry designers, Mabel Chong is always creating fun, gorgeous pieces.  But, being the worldly woman that she is she also comes across some one of a kind pieces from her journeys that she just has to share.  This Edwardian wedding ring is one of those.  I don’t know the story behind this ring, but man is it beautiful.  So intricate and unique.  Don’t you love it?

Edwardian wedding ring by Mabel Chong

And it gets better…you can purchase it through Mabel!  Check out her website here or visit one of her stores in San Francisco.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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