Pin of the Week: Playful Wedding Party Photos

We are off designing another wedding this weekend but wanted to share some fun pins of the week.  Yes, you read that right, I said pins.  These two wedding party photos  were so cute and playful that they tied for our faves this week.  Check them out!

It’s Bond…James Bond.  How fun is this?  I think it works particularly well because there are a large number of groomsmen and they can all take different poses.  This would be a great photo idea for your groomsmen or your whole wedding party.

Wedding party photos with the groomsmen in James Bond poses

(Photo credit: onelove photography)

And then look at these kids celebrating.  They are having a ball with the floral petals and it’s so cute, so happy and fun!

Kids throwing flower petals at a wedding

(Photo credit: Stephanie Hogue Photography)

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