Wedding Wednesdays Q&A: Food Truck Wedding

Wedding Wednesdays Q&A by Jamie Chang Destination Wedding Planner of Mango Muse Events

It’s your favorite day of the week, Wedding Wednesdays!  Excited?  I thought you might be.  This week we’re talking about a food truck wedding.

Q: My fiance and I are pretty laid back, so we’re having a casual wedding and are getting food trucks for the meal (which we’re really excited about).  It’s getting closer and we don’t have a wedding planner and I’m just starting to worry that I didn’t think of something.  But, food trucks are self-contained, right?  Is there anything I should be planning for? Any thoughts you have would help to put my mind at ease.

So, first off, I have to applaud you for asking for help, good job!  Because yes, many times there are details and intricacies of planning a wedding that you just don’t think about.  You’ve never done this before, so it’s hard to really know.

Without all the details, the first thing I would bring up with a food truck wedding is the service aspect.  Are your guests going up to the trucks to get their meal or are they being served by the food trucks?  Either way is fine, but if they are being served you obviously need servers.  You’ll also want bussers to handle clearing tables.

After service the next thing that you’ll want to make sure you have covered is rentals.  I assume you’re providing seating in some shape or form, but what about tableware?  Things like plates, flatware, glassware, napkins.  Will that be disposables or nice tableware?  If it’s disposables, are you providing that to the food trucks so that it’s all standard?  Or are the food trucks just using their disposables?  If it’s real tableware, it means you are serving the meal, so you’ll just want to make sure you have some extras of everything just in case.

Another thing to think about are drinks.  Are the food trucks providing the drinks?  Or will your bar be doing all of that?  You’ll just want to be clear in your communication in terms of what should be served where and who is handling what.

The last part to think about (which most people forget about), is the trash.  With a traditional caterer, they will take care of the trash for you at the end of the night, but with food trucks, that isn’t a part of what they do, which means it will fall on you.  And dealing with trash on your wedding day is not going to be fun.  Strike up a deal with someone in advance and just pay someone to take care of it.  It could be the venue itself or possibly the food truck if they stick around to the end or perhaps an individual like a janitor/landscaper, a server, or the bartender.  Or you can just task rabbit the service and have someone come out to help you with the trash.  It may seem silly to pay someone to come and dump it for you, but trust me, it’s worth it.

Having a food truck wedding is super fun, so don’t despair about all the questions I just posed.  If you think through it all, it will go great and be the casual fun wedding you were looking for.

Wedding Guests in front of a food truck at a food truck wedding

(Photo credit: Food Revolt)

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