Inspiration Mondays: Forgiveness

Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  Mine was spent setting up and making a beautiful wedding happen for 2 amazing people.  As part of the couple’s ceremony we did a little audience participation and had guests share some advice, thoughts or just well wishes with the couple.  One of the guests shared that you will fight and argue, but once you say you are sorry, the conversation should be over.  This stuck with me as those of us who are married know that marriage isn’t easy.  But, love is also about forgiveness.  And this applies to all relationships.  Things happen in life that you are not happy with, but dwelling on it doesn’t help.  Forgive, move on and focus on being happy.

Love and forgiveness love quote

I wish you a wonderful, productive and most of all happy week.  We could all use more happiness in our lives, right?

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