Wedding Wednesdays Q&A: Wedding Drinks

Wedding Wednesdays Q&A by Jamie Chang Destination Wedding Planner of Mango Muse Events

Happy Hump Day!  Have you checked out our new website yet?  If not, make sure you hop on over there, we have some great stuff to share.  And of course, we also have some great stuff to share here too, so let’s get to it!  This week’s Wedding Wednesdays question is about alcohol and wedding drinks.

Q: We’re trying to keep to a budget and one of the things we are considering doing to help with that is by trying to bring the cost down for the bar.  We want our guests to have a good time, but our group drinks quite a lot and so we want to just make it as cost effective as possible.  What are some ways we can achieve this?

As always, we get such great questions!  So, there are a number of ways you can consider to bring the bar cost down, but  I’ll just name 3 of the best options to get you started.

Option #1 – The first option, which I’m sure you’ve looked into, is doing a wine and beer only bar.  This can really help with your wedding drink costs and also help with keeping your group from getting too drunk.  However, many couples don’t love this idea because people enjoy their mixed drinks and cocktails, so limiting that may or may not be ideal for your group.

Option #2 – Another way to help cut costs is by eliminating the champagne toast.  While I personally like champagne, many people don’t and glasses usually don’t get fully drunk.  A lot of it tends to get wasted, so if champagne isn’t that important to you, it is a good way to save some money.  Guests can just toast with whatever drink they have on hand instead.  In addition, depending on your wedding you can also save money by eliminating the need to rent champagne flutes or saucers.

Option #3 – The last option to cut down on your wedding drinks is a good one, but only works at certain venues.  If you’ve picked a wedding venue where you are bringing in all your vendors, you can work with your caterer or bartending company so that they provide everything but the alcohol.  They’ll provide the staff, mixers, soda, garnish, ice and all the supplies needed, but the alcohol will be left up to you.  While this does require more work on your end, you can save a lot of money by supplying the alcohol yourself.  The other great thing about this option is that you can get the exact brands that you want and can limit the bar to just certain liquors.  You’ll save money by paying less for the alcohol itself and by keeping the types and amounts to what you want and need.

All of the options I mentioned are good and you can also combine all three to really cut down on your wedding drinks and the associated bar costs.

Bartender creating drinks at a San Francisco wedding reception by Destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events

(Photo credit: Jerry Yoon Photographers)

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