Photo of the Week: Napa Valley Balloons

Happy Labor Day weekend!  I hope you are enjoying the long weekend and have fun plans.  We had so much fun with our photo of the week last week, that we’re doing another (our buddy Pinterest doesn’t mind).  When you are planning your destination wedding, don’t forget to plan fun activities leading up to the wedding.  Not everyone has to come, but they are great opportunities to spend more time with all of your guests.  One great activity in the wine country area is hot air ballooning.  I was up early enough one day this week and got to catch not one, but a whole fleet of Napa Valley balloons floating around in the sky.  At one point I counted 7 or 8.  I pulled over to the side of the road and took these photos.  It didn’t get to catch all 7, but it was so fun (and pretty) to watch.  Just imagine how awesome it must be in the air!

Hot air balloons over California wine country

Hot air balloons over Napa wine country

Have a great weekend and we’ll see you back next week.  Don’t forget to check in because we have some exciting news to share!

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