Wedding Wednesdays Q&A: Wedding Dress Change

Wedding Wednesdays Q&A by Jamie Chang Destination Wedding Planner of Mango Muse Events

Happy Wedding Wednesdays!  I’m hoping your wedding planning is going great and if not send us your questions!  We’re happy to answer them and get you going on the right track. This week’s question is about doing a wedding dress change.

Q: I’ve been searching for my wedding dress and found one and then two and now maybe three.  Each one is different but I love them all and I just can’t choose.  I’m thinking about doing multiple dress changes through out the day so that I can get to wear them all instead of just picking one.  Do you think this is a bad idea?  I don’t want to seem fussy or overly obsessed with what I’m wearing, but I do love them all.

It can be difficult finding that one dress that feels right to you and fits your style, so I totally understand falling in love with multiple dresses.  We aren’t just one thing and neither is our style, so I don’t think it is a bad idea at all to do a wedding dress change.  As long as your budget can handle the multiple dresses, then I say go for it!  You can use one for the ceremony, one for dinner and one for dancing.  You’ll get a chance to express your personality through all three and keep it fun and entertaining.  And you won’t have to worry about getting them dirty because you have another dress waiting in the wings!

There are two tips I want you to keep in mind if you plan on moving forward with this idea.

Tip #1 – I wouldn’t suggest having more than 3 dresses because more than 3 will be both a hassle and they won’t all get a full use.  You will need time for all your wedding dress changes, so make sure you build that into the schedule.  Some venue event time frames are shorter than others and it would be a shame to have more dresses than you have time to change for.

Tip #2 –  Make sure the hair and makeup style you pick out will work for all 3 dresses.  It’s easy to change shoes and jewelry, but changing your hair and makeup with each dress will be more of a hassle than it’s worth (and it will be fussy).  You don’t want to spend half your wedding in the bathroom.  You want to be enjoying it with the ones you love, especially your new spouse.

Bride with a wedding dress change doing the bouquet toss at a San Francisco wedding reception by Destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events

(Photo credit: Jerry Yoon Photographers)

Dying to ask us your wedding planning question?  Leave a comment below and let us know what’s been troubling you.  We’ll get right on it!

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