Wedding Thursday Q&A: Wedding Themes

Wedding Wednesdays Q&A by Jamie Chang Destination Wedding Planner of Mango Muse Events

Happy Thursday!  Yup, it’s Thursday, not Wednesday.  We had a little date mix up on our end and what was meant to go out yesterday, is coming out today instead.  So, today is special because it’s Wedding Thursday!  This week’s question is about wedding themes.

Q: I’m just starting the process of booking vendors and everyone is asking me what the theme is for my wedding.  I don’t know what to tell them.  Do I have to have a wedding theme?  And if I do, how do I pick that?

Oh wedding themes.  Where do I even begin?  I may end up jumping on my soapbox a little here, but I think this is so important that I hope you’ll forgive me.

I don’t know who first started the idea of wedding themes, but whomever that was hopefully made some money because that idea has stuck around for a long time and continues to thrive.  Here is my short answer, YOU ABSOLUTELY DO NOT NEED A THEME.  Why all caps you say?  Well, I don’t like how the wedding industry forces people into set concepts, themes and colors.  People aren’t one thing, so why should they have to choose one thing?  You aren’t just beachy or just modern or just rustic.  You’re a combination of things and that is what makes you unique.

A wedding is about celebrating two unique people and their unique love.  Having to pick a theme forces both of you and your relationship into a box.  So, don’t feel pressured into wedding themes!  When the next vendor asks you what your theme is, just reply with “Us, We’re the theme”.  Hopefully, that will get them to wake up a bit and realize that we’re talking about people here, not a concept.

Don’t get me wrong, themes do work for some parties like say, a 4th of July party or a book launch or a child’s birthday party, but for a wedding?  No.  Unless you are a couple that falls into that small percentage of people who are totally alike and really like only one thing, wedding themes don’t work for most people.   So feel free to express yourself and your fiance through your wedding.  Bring in all your interests, your hobbies, your favorite things to do together, your experiences, your families, your cultures and your hopes and dreams.  Make your wedding your own and your “theme” will be you two, which is so much better.

Wedding couple shouting excitement from the rooftops at a San Francisco Wedding by Destination Wedding Planner Mango Muse Events

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