Wedding Wednesdays Q&A: Champagne Toast

Wedding Wednesdays Q&A by Jamie Chang Destination Wedding Planner of Mango Muse Events

I hope you’re having a great week so far!  We’ve been busy over here at Mango Muse Events, but we’re excited to answer another wedding planning question.  This week’s question is about the wedding reception and the champagne toast.

Q: Is champagne during toasts necessary?  Will we seem cheap if we don’t do a champagne toast?

This is actually a very common question that I get from almost every couple I work with.  Champagne is traditional to toast with when you are celebrating something, so champagne and celebrations are always associated with each other.  However, in reality many people don’t like champagne.  Most times at weddings champagne is something you serve, but usually doesn’t get drunk. People will take a sip and that’s about it.

For many couples serving champagne isn’t worth the expense, especially if you don’t particularly enjoy it.  I personally like champagne, but I don’t think it is a must have at every wedding.  Guests are usually fine toasting with whatever drink they have on them, wine, beer, water, you name it.

Like with everything else in a wedding, I think the decision comes down to how important it is to you.  Do you like champagne? Is it important to you to have a champagne toast?  If the answers to those two questions are yes, then you should do it.  If you don’t care, then it really might not be worth it.

Make your wedding your own and do it your way!  Don’t include something just to do it, do it because you want to and it means something to you.  And if you’re worried about seeming cheap, don’t be!  As I mentioned, most people don’t drink the champagne anyway, so they won’t miss it.  And the few ones who do, will just have to make do with another drink (they’ll survive).  You could even consider toasting with your favorite drink instead, which would be fun and so much more personal. So, don’t feel pressured to do a champagne toast.  If you want to, great and if not, that’s great too.

Wedding couple toasting at a Hawaii destination wedding and not doing a champagne toast

(Photo credit: Aihara Visuals)

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