Pin of the Week: Linsanity

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a crazy week this week.  It was busy, but very successful and productive.  I’m in Hawaii right now meeting with a bunch of my couples planning for their upcoming destination weddings.  One of my couples came into town not just to check out wedding venues and see a bit of the island, but also for work.  The groom, Evan Jackson Leong is a filmmaker and the director of the Linsanity documentary.  If you haven’t heard about the movie, it follows Jeremy Lin’s story from his childhood to high school to college and to the NBA.  I had the honor of being able to attend one of the showings and it was amazing.  I’m all about stories and I love a good story and his story moved me.  The upwards struggle that he’s had to face and the immense joy of attaining his dreams was both touching and hits home.  We all have dreams and hopes and it’s so nice to see when someone succeeds who not only deserves it because of all the hard work they put in, but because they are a nice person too.

So, this week’s Pinterest pin of the week goes to Linsanity.  The movie was a project of love for the director and the producers for many years, way before Linsanity was even a word.  As a fellow designer and storyteller, I’m so happy to see that people are appreciating the story and their work.  They did a great job and if you have a chance to go see the film, you definitely should.  Hopefully it will soon be coming to a movie theater near you.

Linsanity film with Jeremy Lin

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