2013 New Year Dreams

It’s a new year which is exciting because it’s a chance to start fresh and hopefully to do better and to be better not just professionally, but personally.  For me, resolutions are not just about setting goals, but about thinking about dreams, hopes, and wishes for the new year.  I know resolutions are meant to be attainable, realistic goals that you can work towards, track and accomplish.  This makes sense because it makes you feel like you succeeded or that you can succeed.  But, I can’t help but want to dream.  I feel like starting a new year means you get to shed the last year.  You don’t forget it because you always learn something, but you can dream and hope for whatever you want in the new year.  It’s a blank canvas and anything can be created.  I’d like to share with you a couple of my dreams for 2013.

In this past week’s pin of the week, I shared my first hope and dream, but I’d like to add to it (if you missed it, check it out here).  A few major events happened last year which really affected me.  When a tragedy happens to you or around you, it forces you to look at your life and what is important.  People are what is important.

Sometimes when I think about the wedding industry as a whole, I wonder what we are doing.  It can seem like such excess, a non-necessary thing that people spend so much time and money on.  I understand why some people feel that way and sometimes I feel that way too, but then I remember what we really do.  We celebrate a couple’s choice.  A choice to love one another and live a life together through all the good and bad that comes their way.

At its essence, a wedding is such a beautiful and special thing.  We can get so caught up in all the stuff of a wedding, that sometimes people forget the true meaning, the part that matters.  Unfortunately if you look at all the blogs, magazines and media about the wedding industry, none of it helps.  It’s all pictures and descriptions of the physical things.  They don’t talk about the love, the story, the people.  While the physical things are important, nothing matters more than the people.  One of my goals for this year (and hopes for the industry) is to continue to focus on what is important, the people and the love.

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  1. Carol Colman
    Carol Colman says:

    Jamie, you have it absolutely right. People get caught up in tiny details that stress them out. You bring together a couple in love who wants to make a public commitment and declaration of their love, and people they care about to witness it, you’ve got yourself a wedding. That’s with or without flowers, music, place cards, favors, attendants, matching outfits, dove releases, or fireworks. In the end, what you have left are your new status as spouses and the love you share, along with some wonderful memories and things that help you keep in touch with that special day. If you keep your focus on what’s really important, all your couples will have magnificent weddings to remember. Let me know if I can help!

  2. Jamie Chang
    Jamie Chang says:

    Glad you feel the same way Carol! It’s always been about the couple for me and my goal is to continue to focus on that. Everything we do and create is about the couple and their story.

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