Inspiration Mondays: Resolve to be Happy

It’s New Year’s Eve, can you believe it?  The last day before we embark a whole new year.  During this time, I always think about the year that has passed and am thankful for all the good.  Even if it was a horrible year, there are always good things that happened.  It gives me hope for the coming year and all of the potential.  Like so many others, I create new years resolutions and try to work on them through the year.  It gives me a chance to start fresh and be better and do better than the year before.

This week’s inspiration is about resolving to be happy.  Our happiness really does lie within us and sometimes we have a hard time seeing it (I know that I struggle with this).   When we inevitably face hardships or bumps in the road, if we hold on to that happiness, to the good things in life, it will get us through.  I’m resolving to be happy and I hope you do too.

Helen Keller resolve to be keep happy inspirational quote

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