Pin of the Week: DIY Photo Gift Tags

We love Pinterest here at Mango Muse Events because of all the awesome things you can discover and share with others.   As such, we want to share our favorite pin that we found this week.  We’ll be doing this weekly to give you some eye candy and some inspiration for your life whether it be for a wedding or event, for your home, for your closet or just for fun.  Also, please feel free to follow us on Pinterest, we’d love to start sharing more with you!

Our favorite pin of the week were these super sweet DIY photo gift tags.  All you have to do is print out photos, use a craft punch to cut shapes out, punch out a hole, tie some string and you’re golden!  And there are so many uses for them!  You can use them for holiday gifts, birthdays for a wedding favor or as decor or for a special event.  Try it for yourself!

DIY photo gift tags for an event or holiday shared by Destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events

(Photo credit: Sweet Paul Mag)

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