Inspiration Mondays

It’s starting to get chilly (boots and scarves are coming out) and I’m getting excited about Thanksgiving stuffing and Christmas songs.  Entering into winter season also means that my wedding season is coming to a close.  As such, I have much more time to spend with you!  I’m really excited about that because it means I get to share more fun and exciting wedding and event ideas, trends and tips.  To kick off, I’m going to be doing a weekly post called Inspiration Mondays. Everybody needs a little pick me up on Monday to get your mind and soul geared up for the week.  This week’s inspiration is a tribute to Veteran’s Day and those recovering from Hurricane Sandy.  Maybe you’ve been struck with disaster or war or losing a loved one or just experiencing a difficult time.  I think it’s always important to stop and remember how lucky and fortunate we really are.  We only have so much time and we need to enjoy it.  So be happy, it really is all that matters.

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