7 Haunting Ideas for a Halloween Wedding

Happy Halloween!  Are you thinking about planning a Halloween wedding?  I think having a Halloween wedding is a fantastic idea for a couple that absolutely loves the holiday.  While it can easily turn into a run of the mill Halloween party with ghouls and spider webs, don’t let it!  It’s a special occasion, so make it haunting and unforgettable, not cheesy.  Here are 7 inspiring ideas to help make sure your Halloween wedding is a night to remember:

1.  Choose a historic venue. When it comes to a Halloween wedding, choose a place with history, character and texture.  Pick a place that evokes mystery and surprise and has interesting design details.  For example, choose a castle or ruins or an older historic building.  Consider having a destination wedding in a location that has the right Halloween vibe and history – think Mexico or Europe (places like Scotland, Belgium, Romania or Venice).

Julia Morgan Ballroom historic venue for a Halloween Wedding by Destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events

(Photo credit: VAS Photography)

2.  Create a masquerade ball. Give guests masks as they arrive to add some intrigue and mystery to your Halloween wedding.  Be elegant and use classic Venetian masks, or be more playful with animal masks or dark with day of the dead masks.

3. Play with the colors. Don’t just use the traditional Halloween bright orange and black.  Try an array of oranges instead.  Or go softer with dark grey, ivory, peach and mint green. Or go glam with gold, deep blue and black.

4. Make your centerpieces edible. Treat guests to a mini candy buffet on each table.  The sweets can be traditional Halloween candies or beautifully colored ones to fit the style.  Maybe they are all black and guests have to taste them to discover what they are.

Reeses Pieces Halloween candy bar for a Halloween Wedding by Destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events

(Photo credit: VAS Photography)

5.  Do something unexpected. Surprise guests at your Halloween wedding and greet them with a spin on trick or treat where each guest must say a phrase like the couples names before receiving a treat and entering the room.

6.  Take your personal style into account. Halloween doesn’t just mean dark, moody or Goth.  It can be ethereal or vintage or rustic in design, just make sure to put a spin on it so that it is Halloween inspired as well.

7.  Incorporate fun entertainment that is a little out of the ordinary. Entertain guests at your Halloween wedding with a magician or a contortionist during cocktail hour or dancing.  Go all out and create a unique Haunted House in a separate room customized with personal fears.  It can be silly or scary, but will promise to be all kinds of fun.

Having a Halloween wedding is fun, unique and can really tell a couple’s story.  So, don’t be afraid to get creative!  Take these ideas, put on a witch’s hat and brew something magical.

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