2012 Summer Olympics – Go Team USA!

Who is as excited as I am about the 2012 Summer Olympics starting this Friday?  I always get so jazzed about the Olympics, not because I’m an athlete (far from it), but because I love the harmony and the artistry.  I love that all these people from all of these different countries around the world can come together in the spirit of the games.  I love that it gives people a chance to root for their country and exude national pride.

There is so much history and culture and symbolism that surround the games.  It all starts in Olympia, Greece and the lighting of the torch and then the passing of it from torchbearer to torchbearer.  It’s about where we’ve come from and where we are going.  It’s about sharing and contribution and while being an individual, you are also a part of a group and a team and I love that.

Olympics Greece Torch Lighting

But, perhaps what I love the most is watching these athletes are who are truly artists in their respective fields.  It is amazing to me that a person can run that fast or jump that high or execute a dive that precisely.  It takes a combination of natural talent and hard work and I think that is what we all strive for in our everyday lives.  To find that niche, that talent that we are good at and work hard to be amazing at it.  What we are each good at doesn’t necessarily come in the form of swimming the fastest or doing a perfect bar routine, but maybe it’s being the best mom for your kid or always being the most reliable friend or the best manager for your employees.  Hey, maybe it’s being the most calm and organized wedding planner and the most creative event designer (wink, wink).  No matter what your talent is, I think each of us has something special to give and I really enjoy celebrating it.  So, here’s to the upcoming 2012 Summer Olympics and celebrating talent!

Olympics Gymnastics Art

I’d love to get your thoughts – What do you love most about the Olympics? And what is your talent?

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