Destination Wedding Location Series: Austria Destination Wedding

Are you excited about another new location? We are and today we’re taking you to an Austria destination wedding.

When I think of Austria, the first thing that always comes to mind is The Sound of Music.  It is such a classic movie with great songs and of course, some breathtaking shots of Austria.  Austria is storybook picturesque with a gorgeous landscape (lakes, mountains and hills) and oodles of culture to boot.  If you are considering having your destination wedding in Europe, don’t overlook Austria.  It just may be your fairytale location.

Austria is one of the richest countries in the world with its citizens enjoying a high standard of living.  Through the long rule of the Habsburg family, revolution and war, Austria has come out triumphant and strong.  The past and its influence plays a big part in the Austria of today and its success.  Austria is a country that is both historic with its palaces, baroque splendor and medieval festivals and also contemporary in design, art and technology (check out Linz).  In addition, I must mention that Austria boasts some well-known homegrown legends in their fields particularly in classical music (Mozart, Strauss, Haydn) and science (Freud, Mach).  An Austria destination wedding offers couples a wonderful escape to a whole different world and gives their guests a ton of beauty and culture to soak up.

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Austria is a largely mountainous country due to its location in the Alps, so the majority of the country has an alpine climate.  The seasons are very distinct here with long cold winters, short warm summers and high precipitation.  The cities tend to be busiest during the warm seasons and the ski resorts during the cold seasons, so keep that in mind when planning.  Another thing to take note of is that because Austria is so mountainous, the high altitude can be an adjustment for your guests depending on where you are coming from.

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(Photo credit: David Pullum Photography)

Getting married in Austria is a bit of a long process and requires some preparation.  There are no residency or blood test requirements to get married in Austria, but the administrative process can take 2-4 weeks to complete.

You must be 18 or older in order to be married and will have to provide your passport, birth certificate, driver’s license, a US marriage license and a residence registration form (“Meldezettel”) issued by the Austrian authorities after arrival, unless you are staying at a hotel.  Documents (other than passports and driver’s licenses) issued in languages other than German must be accompanied by certified translations done by an official translator. Furthermore, certain US documents (e.g. birth certificate) may also have to be certified and accompanied by an apostille (official certification of the document).

You both need to bring your documents and apply in person at the Vital Statistics Office (Standesamt) in charge of the First District of Vienna.  The Office will then forward the documents to the Superior Court (Oberlandesgericht) for approval. Upon reception of the court fees, the file will be returned to the Vital Statistics Office, which then schedules the date of the wedding.

Only civil marriages are legal in Austria, but you can choose to have a religious ceremony afterwards.  An official at the Vital Statistics Office will perform the marriage and if you don’t know German, you’ll need to hire an interpreter for the ceremony.  After the ceremony, you will also need an apostille attached to your Austrian marriage certificate or US authorities will not accept it. You should apply for an apostille at the Vital Statistics Office where your marriage ceremony is to take place.

Austria destination wedding shared by Destination wedding planner, Mango Muse Events

(Photo credit: David Pullum Photography)

Because of the heavy snowfall in the winter and the awesome mountains, it’s no surprise that Austria is all about the winter sports like skiing and snowboarding.  Couples attracted to an Austria destination wedding enjoy this aspect as they have a love for winter weather and skiing.  Imagine furs, wood lodges and a pristine white backdrop.  However, I can also see couples being attracted to Austria in its warmer months when it isn’t as cold, the hills are green and there are snowcapped mountains in the background.  You can run up a hill, twirl and sing just like in the movie.  Or perhaps more realistically, go hiking, enjoy the lakes or explore an ice cave.  Imagine the pictures you could get!  Either way, couples attracted to an Austria destination wedding love the culture (both new and old), the music and the beautiful views.

To give you a little more insight into Austria (and share some fun photos), I’d like to introduce a UK photographer friend of mine, David Pullum from David Pullum Photography.

Jamie: Hi David and welcome!  You’ve told me that you love Austria, is there a particular place you love there?

David:  My favorite destination for weddings is Kitzbuhel in Austria. Kitzbuhel in the winter is a playground for the rich, but also for couples who want somewhere different to get married.

Jamie: Why do you think a couple should consider an Austria destination wedding?

David: With plenty of wonderful venues scattered around and on the slopes there are endless possibilities for a winter wedding. One of my favorite venues is located in Zell Am See, where you can hire Apres Ski lodges for the evening reception. These can only be accessed via Skidoos, which make for great images.

Jamie: What types of couples do you think are attracted to having an Austria destination wedding?

David:  Couples who love skiing and something out of the ordinary are usually those most attracted having their wedding in Austria.

Jamie: Name one thing a couple should know before choosing to have an Austria destination wedding.

David:  Before you book your wedding on the slopes in the winter, you must know that temperatures can get to well below freezing and sometimes to uncomfortable levels, and if the weather is inclement then that makes visibility very difficult.

Wedding couple in the snow at an Austria destination wedding shared by Destination wedding planner, Mango Muse Events

(Photo credit: David Pullum Photography)

Austria is not your tropical beach locale, instead of sand and sea; you have white snow, rolling hills and peaceful lakes.  An Austria destination wedding is for the couple looking for something a little different.  This is a great place if you have a particular love for classical music, skiing or just quaint old-world towns with gorgeous views.  Tropical isn’t for everyone and if it’s not for you then an Austria destination wedding could be just the ticket.

Isn’t Austria just gorgeous?  Check back for another awesome location coming soon!

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