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So, it’s official.  I have total Pinterest love!  I love Pinterest and I just have to share my love for it and tell you why.

Let’s face it, social media has taken over the world and isn’t going anywhere.  There is a place to share everything you feel, see and do all day, everyday.  I don’t know the stats on this, but I would venture to say that most people spend hours upon hours on some social media platform (or multiple ones) per day.

I have to admit that I personally struggle with social media.  I didn’t jump on the bandwagon when Friendster began or Myspace or even Facebook.  I actually avoided it until I couldn’t any longer.

I’m a private person by nature, so the idea of sharing how I feel and what I’m doing all the time gives me anxiety.  I really just don’t want the public to know that much about me.  But Pinterest I love because I’m sharing things I like.  I enjoy sharing images of products, fashion, event design and weddings, and just things I dig.  It’s personal without infringing on my private nature.  And it’s fun to see the things other people like too.  It’s not intrusive, but you still feel like you are part of a community and you get to “meet” and “know” people that you wouldn’t normally.  It’s a nice balance for me.

Pinterest is also a great way to get inspired and create virtual storyboards for all types of design.  It’s super popular with for wedding planning because you have a place to store (and reference) all the things you come across that you want for your wedding.  I encourage you to join the fun!  Follow me on Pinterest for starters and see where it takes you.

Bride in a wedding dress taken from Pinterest by Destination wedding planner, Mango Muse Events

(One of the many awesome images I found on Pinterest.  Don’t you just love this dress?)

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