The Royal Wedding…and the Craziness Ensues

Ever since the engagement, everyone has been a buzz about the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate.  As the royal wedding is scheduled to happen in a few days, I felt it necessary to comment.  While a royal wedding is special due to its novelty, high visibility and tradition, I find it interesting how crazy people are going for it.  The fashion/style industry and wedding industry are just going nuts.  There are blog posts up the yin yang, TV shows dedicated to what Kate will be wearing, a TV movie about their life, viewing parties being planned, and even chatchi souvenirs already being hawked.  I recently saw a clip of Daniel Radcliffe on a late night show commenting about how the royal wedding is a much bigger deal in the US than in the UK and I found that super interesting.  What is it about a royal wedding that fascinates us Americans?  Is it because we don’t have royalty here?  Or are we just so entertained with celebrities and those in the spotlight that we just can’t help ourselves?

I’ll admit that I enjoy magazines like US weekly that dole out the latest dish on celebrity lives.  It’s a “guilty pleasure” because we shouldn’t like it, but we just do.  I wonder though, do we like it because it transports us away from our lives that can feel boring, ordinary or just plain stressful?  Or is it just interesting to peer into the life of someone rich and famous?  We want to know more, but why?  Is it something to gossip about?  Something to dream about?  Or is it because it is something most of us will never have?  I’m not sure what the answer is to all these questions, but I think they are worth asking and pondering.

While the royal wedding is interesting, I have to be honest, I’m sort of cringing for them.  I can’t imagine what being in the spotlight must be like, but more importantly, what sharing such an intimate experience with the world will feel like.  I don’t care that they are royalty, that they have money, power and prestige, I feel bad for them.  Getting married to your true love is a special thing.  While many people care more about the reception than the ceremony, it’s really the ceremony that matters.  It’s where you tie yourself to someone else.  It’s that personal moment where you look into each others eyes and vow to be there no matter what happens.  It seems horrid to have to broadcast that for everyone in the world to see.  It turns what should be an intimate moment into something impersonal, like a show.  But, they aren’t actors and this isn’t a movie, it’s their real life. They seem like nice people who truly care for each other and I just can’t help but feel bad for them.  My wedding wish for them is that they will be able to find a time alone on the wedding day where they can actually share a moment together with real emotion and be themselves.  I hope whoever their wedding planner is takes care of them in the right way because in the end, they are a bride and groom in love and they deserve to be happy.  Best wishes to the William and Kate and I sincerely hope you enjoy yourselves and the special day.

Prince William and Kate Middleton Engagement Photo Before the Royal Wedding

(Photo credit: Mario Testino)

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  1. stephanie
    stephanie says:

    hiya! but i loved the indoor trees and it made me think of the wedding design you did for your bride in late march.

    regarding the royal couple, i was thinking that the “role” of princess/queen is more of a “job,” as a dignitary to do PR for the country. And it’s weird that to get the “job” you have to fall in love with the price, and the prince to fall in love with you. I worry that the demands of the “job” will distort the true love they have over time. i think it happens with a lot of power couples who spend a lot of time in the spotlight…

    so in this instance “the love” is strangely blended with “a job” which is sort of a tense, and possibly doomed combination..???

    this is what i was thinking about with jon over curry and phat thai last night. so really, has she signed up for something crappy? because if she really just wants to be in love with someone good, she would really be a princess/queen in your own household, yes without the title HRH…???

  2. Jamie Chang
    Jamie Chang says:

    Yes, I loved the indoor trees too. And I totally get what you mean. It’s tricky because it is her “job” to be in the limelight. But, I’m sure she knows what she signed up for. Hopefully, they can still have love and happiness and alone time despite the “job” part.

  3. Den
    Den says:

    gosh…what if she tripped or messed up on her vows? I would NOT want a camera in my face broadcasting to the world. Luckily she is a classy chick that can handle the pressure!

  4. Jamie Chang
    Jamie Chang says:

    Totally, me neither. It’s just got to be such a different experience to have your wedding be so public like that. All the intimacy goes out the window.

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