Enjoy Your Engagement

Congratulations to all the newly engaged couples!   There were a lot of engagements this holiday season, I personally know of 3 that happened and I’m sure there will be more to come with Valentine’s day coming up.  Some of you are probably eager to start planning, but I want you to take a moment and just enjoy your engagement.  It is really a special time, so enjoy it for a bit before you get caught up in all the wedding planning.  When I got engaged, my fiance and I were travelling at the time, so we just spent the rest of our vacation (and then some) just being happy together and basking in the afterglow of the moment.  I was really happy that we took that time because once you start planning your wedding, things will change.  I don’t mean that your relationship will change, but the focus changes from the present to the future.  I just want to remind you that it’s important to live in the moment and enjoy your engagement now.

Engagement photos in Hawaii

(Photo credit: Christie Pham Photography)

If you are already starting to think about your wedding plans and are feeling overwhelmed and are interested in a wedding planner or just want to learn more, check out the recent Wedding Planner Series that I wrote to help demystify wedding planners.  It will walk you through what a wedding planner is, what we do and how we can help you.  While I may be biased, I truly believe every couple needs the guidance of a wedding planner because in the end we give you the freedom to live in the moment and make some great life long memories.

Congrats again and remember to enjoy it!

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