Wedding Planner Titles – Wedding Planner Series – Part 3

Welcome back to the Wedding Planner Series!

In case you’re joining us for the first time, we answered what a wedding planner is in Part 1 and what a wedding planner does in Part 2.

Today, we’re going to talk about what the different wedding planner titles are and what they mean.  Let’s get started!

If you’ve been researching wedding planners, you’ve probably come across a few different wedding planner titles.  There is the wedding planner, the event planner, the wedding planner and designer, the wedding coordinator, the wedding consultant and the event designer.

I’m sure you’ve asked yourself, do these wedding planner titgles all mean the same thing or are they different?

To be honest, with most of these titles the difference is minimal.  What someone calls themselves is dependent on the term they prefer and what they think that term means.  The terms are more relative than you would think.

However, there are some small differences which I’ve laid out below.

Wedding Planner – This is the most generic term and encompasses almost all of the other terms.  This is the person who handles all aspects of planning your wedding.  If you refer to Part 2 of the series, you can see the type of responsibilities and functions that a wedding planner would perform.

Event Planner – This is a broadened version of the wedding planner.  They still handle all aspects, but they also do events outside of weddings such as parties, galas, corporate functions, etc.

Wedding Planner and Designer – This is a wedding planner who also focuses on event design.  In Part 2 of the series, I mentioned that the scope to which wedding planners delve into event design depends on the particular wedding planner.  This title means that their creative side, their event design side is more robust than a normal wedding planner.  What this means in layman terms is that you can expect them to be more involved when it comes to your event design.

Wedding Coordinator – This can sometimes be interchangeable with the wedding planner title, but for most this term describes a wedding planner who either only does “day of” coordination (I’ll cover this in more detail in a later section of the series) or only handles the vendor and logistics side of planning.  In terms of “day of” coordination, they usually come in towards the end of the process just to coordinate and execute the wedding day.  In terms of the planning side, they handle all the communication and scheduling but don’t play much of a role in the event design.

Wedding Consultant – This term is also interchangeable with the terms wedding planner and wedding planner and designer.  The term consultant indicates someone you would hire for their expertise and their opinion.  However, there aren’t any specific differences, just the term used.

Event Designer – This term is the opposite of a wedding coordinator.  The wedding coordinator doesn’t handle the creative side and the event designer only handles the creative side.  This person is brought in to help create the entire look and feel of an event.  They don’t handle any of the logistics or vendor management, just the aesthetic.

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Now that you know what these wedding planner titles mean, when you come across them while researching you’ll understand what the difference is and perhaps which of these would make the most sense for you.

In Part 4 of the series, I’ll discuss why you would hire a wedding planner.  See you next time!

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