What Is a Wedding Planner? Wedding Planner Series – Part 1

In the current day and age, everyone has heard the term, wedding planner.  But what does the term mean?

What is a wedding planner? What does a wedding planner do?  Is there a difference between a wedding coordinator and a wedding planner?  Why would you hire a wedding planner?  How do you hire a wedding planner?

For most couples, this is their first time getting married and the world of weddings and wedding planning is new to them.  Unless you are in the industry, you wouldn’t know the answers to these questions.

So, welcome to the first of a series geared towards educating engaged couples in the world of the wedding planner.

First up, what is a wedding planner?

Most people would answer the question with an answer similar to “someone who helps you with your wedding”.  Or they perhaps will mention Jennifer Lopez in the aptly titled movie, “The Wedding Planner”.

While both of these are truths, they are only part of the picture.

A wedding planner has many roles. 

She/he is your friend, confidante, task master, therapist, peacemaker, personal assistant, design and style consultant, and, of course, your event planner.

A wedding planner is a person that plans and executes all aspects of your wedding.  Everything from big things like picking a ceremony location to little things like what color napkins would go best on the table.

They help you to see the big picture and also all the minute details.  

Most of all, they are your personal guide to navigating you through the rough and smooth wedding waters so that you end up safe and successful.

Wedding planner, Mango Muse Events and bride

This is a photo of me and my first bride. (Photo credit: VAS Photography)

Check back for Part 2 of our wedding planner series answering the question, what does a wedding planner really do?

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