An Ode To My Mother and Her Ikebana Designs

As today is mother’s day, I thought it was about time that I write about my mom.  My mom rocks.  Plain and simple.  The woman is AMAZING.  She’s self-confident, independent, patient, loving, selfless, smart, creative and fun (just to mention a few).  While I could write a whole blog post (or many for that matter) about all the thoughtful and loving things she has done for me over my entire life, what I really want to share is something different.

Mothers are more than just women who gave birth to us, fed, clothed, taught and took care of us.  They are people too with personalities, quirks, and talents.  I think as children we tend to think of them as just a parent and not as a person.  My mom is an amazing mother, but she’s also an amazing person.  She helps take care of her grandchildren and cooks practically every night.  She remembers all of my friends, even the ones I don’t remember.  She never fails to send out a card celebrating a birthday, anniversary or holiday.  She volunteers her time at museums and for the public education system.   She’s the one you want on your team in any game and her grammar is flawless.  She has the softest hands despite all the work she does and she’s the queen of sharing.

My mom is also a fantastic artist.  For the past few years, my mom has been taking an Ikebana flower arranging class.  Every week she comes home with a new creation and I’m always amazed at the lines, the movement, and the balance.  Besides being beautiful, the arrangements always make you think.  She’ll use something you wouldn’t dream of putting in an arrangement or construct something with material that normally wouldn’t make any sense or create a shape that you haven’t seen before.  Some are stark and others intricate, but they always make a statement.  One of my favorites is an arrangement she created with cabbage.

Cabbage ikebana arrangement

Look at how cool this arrangement is!   I love the height, the texture and the shape.  The best thing about it is that there aren’t any flowers at all!  It’s interesting and pretty all at the same time.

Cabbage ikebana arrangement from the side

Cabbage ikebana arrangement floral petals

Isn’t she amazing?  I can’t help but be inspired by her point of view and the woman that she is.   So a big hug and kiss to my mother.  Thank you for all that you’ve done, all that you do and all the love and inspiration you continue to bring into my life.

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  1. Den
    Den says:

    It’s true. I agree. Your mom is amazing 🙂 I just don’t get how she remembers all your friends when you have three other sisters.

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