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Wedding tip of the day:  Beware the wedding vendor who doesn’t observe, pay attention or listen to you.

I have recently come across a few wedding vendors (who shall remain nameless) that have either completely ignored what I’ve said or are so lost in their own world that they’ve forgotten I’m here.  They aren’t listening or paying attention to me and thus not paying attention to my client.  In any service based business and particularly in the wedding industry, our goal is to provide the client (whomever that may be) with the highest quality of service so that they have a great experience.  I don’t believe you can provide that unless you listen to your client.  In addition, it goes beyond what your client tells you, but their reactions via facial expressions, body language and mood.  I have to ask myself if a wedding vendor doesn’t pay attention to me, why would they pay attention to my client?

In your search for wedding vendors for your wedding, make sure you select a vendor who pays attention to you.  Select someone who understands your wants and needs because they’ve been listening to you.  Be careful of the wedding vendor who just talks at you versus talks with you.  It should be a two-way conversation, not a lecture. No matter how good their work is, if they don’t take the time to listen to you, your experience will not be a great one.  Also, keep in mind that how they treat you is how they will treat your family, friends, bridal party and guests.  You and your event should be treated with the utmost care and if you aren’t receiving that, you need to find someone else.

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