Designs of Illusion

I shared some design tabletop and room photos from the Wedding 360 event in our last post on the Academy of Planners and Designers, but there was some additional great design at the event that I felt also had to get shared.  These were designs of illusion that I thought were just plain cool.

To start, look at this ice sculpture.  Ice sculptures can be really cheesy, but I thought this was totally elegant and beautiful.

Branches ice sculpture as designs of illusion

Not only were there actually branches and petals frozen within the ice bar, but check out this ice arrangement on top of the bar.

Ice vase as designs of illusion

This is a vase of ice!  I thought it was glass at first until it started to drip.  These are serious designs of illusion and a very cool bar by Chisel-it Ice.  And the last illusion of the day…

Designs of illusion egg

It looks like an egg, but I assure you it is not!  It’s actually made of fresh mozzarella for the egg white and pureed tomato for the egg yolk.  Props to Componere Catering for such a fun play on food!

This was such a fun event and so inspiring, aren’t these designs of illusion amazing?  I love my job.


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