The Wedding Planner Becomes the Bride

For those of you who know and those who don’t, I recently got engaged and have started planning my own wedding.  So, the wedding planner becomes the bride!  We got engaged in Bali and the picture below is what C likes to call “the scene of the crime”.

Bali Indonesia engagement trip where the wedding planner becomes the bride

We are super happy and it’s very exciting and yet somehow strange at the same time.  It’s funny how suddenly your relationship is new and different simply because of a change in terminology.  We’re now engaged.  He’s now my fiancé.  I must say, it’s very interesting being on the opposite side.  I’m not only the destination wedding planner but the bride as well and everything suddenly is a lot more personal.

On the one hand, it is easier because I know us and can translate that easier to both our design and to the decisions we make to ensure it reflects us.  On the other hand, there are challenges that one can only understand if they are in it.  I don’t think as a wedding planner you can fully understand the scope of certain situations and how they affect your couple unless you have been there, so this will definitely be a good learning experience for me.  I’ll try to share the pivotal ups and downs I face as we plan this destination wedding because it can be helpful and different to hear it from a wedding planner’s point of view.  So, buckle up and here we go!

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