How to Create a Unique Wedding (Part 2) – Monograms

As a follow-up to the previous post about how to create a unique wedding, I have to talk about monograms.  I was watching a wedding TV show the other day and found it interesting how much they were pushing monograms for a wedding.  For those of you who haven’t yet been over exposed to wedding media, you can put your initials on everything from your save the dates and invitations to your favors and dance floor.  The monograms are presented as a way to personalize your wedding and to have a common thread running throughout your event.  However, I wonder how putting your initials on something makes it unique?


Ceremony fans with monograms for a Hawaii destination wedding

When I think about initials certain items pop into my brain: cuff links, pendants, T-shirts, tote bags and briefcases.  Putting your initials on an item is like staking a claim.  It’s like being back in elementary school where you label everything with your name from your crayons to your gym clothes.  You are declaring that this item is mine.  When we relate this to a wedding or event, you are similarly claiming the event.  You declare that this is your wedding because your name and/or initials are on it.  But, what does it say about you?  You might respond to that question and say that your given names and family names are unique and personal.  The wedding is about joining your families and your names and thus, it is a representation of that union.  I completely agree with that answer, but I have to ask again, what do your initials say about you?  Most likely the answer to that question is nothing.  Monograms says nothing about you as a person or as a couple.  While your name is a part of who you are, putting your initials down doesn’t portray your personality, passions, thoughts or experiences.

So before you slap your initials on every item in your wedding and walk away thinking you’ve personalized it, think again. There are more creative, interesting and expressive ways to infuse your personalities into your event beyond a “JC” in a cool font. Now, I’m not saying you can’t use monograms, they can be lovely.  But, don’t use it on everything and make sure you take the time to think beyond monograms, because I promise it will be worth it in the end.


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