How to Create a Unique Wedding

Whether you are a newly engaged couple starting to think about your wedding or a couple already in the process of planning, I’m sure you have been bombarded by the wave of websites, tv shows and blogs talking about personalization.  You’ve heard the term cookie cutter and know that you don’t want that, but what does personalization really mean?  How do you have a unique wedding?  How do you make your wedding personalized?

There are tons of resources that will give you all different kinds of suggestions and opinions on what they think makes a unique wedding, but the answer is not that complicated.  What makes a wedding unique is you.  There is no one else like you and there is no other couple like you.  So, all you need to do to create your unique wedding is to make it reflect you.  Simple right?  The concept is simple, but the translation can sometimes be challenging.

We’ve all attended weddings and experienced what I like to call the “stand in” wedding.  The “stand in” wedding is the wedding where there are vows and food and music, but nothing that speaks of the couple.  There is nothing your memory will hold on to and you realize you could be at anyone’s wedding and anyone could be the bride and groom because it’s faceless and lacks personality.  You know what I’m talking about because we’ve all been to at least one.

What is sad is that it is so easy to have a “stand in” wedding.  A couple may intend on making their wedding personalized, but with all of the decisions they have to make, couples end up just picking a venue, a color, a bouquet.  They have a ceremony and reception and at the end of the night, they’re happy that the wedding day went well and they are married.  However, after all the money and time spent on this special day, don’t you want your wedding to be uniquely you?  Will your guests remember this as your unique wedding?  Or just another wedding?

Don’t be a “stand in” at your wedding!  Make your wedding yours by constantly asking yourself, “Is this really me? Is this really us?”.  Ask yourself this question with every decision from large ones like choosing a venue to small ones like favors.  Ask yourself and see what your answer is.  If the answer is no, you need to go a different route.  Don’t worry about what you are supposed to do, but go with what feels like you.   Keep in mind that there are no rules.  Everything is questionable and you don’t have to have a first dance or a bridal party or choose a color.  Making your wedding reflect you will automatically happen if you ask yourself this question and base your decisions and ideas around it.  The people coming to your wedding love you and know you and if you make every decision based on you as a person and as a couple, they will feel that from start to finish.  You’ll end up creating not just your unique wedding, but an experience for everyone to share.

Goldfish centerpieces for a unique wedding in Healdsburg by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events

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