Here’s the truth, there are really only two options when it comes to planning your destination wedding.
You can hire a full-time wedding planner OR you can plan your wedding on your own.
You deserve to have an amazing experience no matter what your budget is and we can help make that happen.


“Jamie is a consummate professional in her craft.  Honest, genuine, and not willing to cut corners are all attributes that are worthy of tagging her and Mango Muse alike.  Aside from these traits that would be standalones that make her perfect for this profession, Jamie possess the “X-Factor”.   Her creative subtlety and overall perceptive nature allows her to create and put to action those thoughts that we imagined but could not express through words.  She is worth every penny and more…”

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I am not a floral designer by any stretch of the imagination.  I can come up with fun ideas, but making flowers magically do what I want is not my super power (remember, no green thumb!). 🥀
But, simple things I can manage and creating an arrangement for a special birthday is within my grasp.⠀
It's not going to win awards, but I'm happy with this cheery bundle 💐and the cheer it brought to the party.
#WeddingPlanning Tip of the Day:  Make sure you do what you can to protect yourself.  Because the truth is that it's not just #weddingdress designers that can go out of business. ⠀
If you're saying "what?!" right now 🙀and are worried about ending up in an Alfred Angelo situation check out today's blog here 👉 ⠀
Learn what you can do not just after the fact, but to prevent the unthinkable situation as well.⠀
📸 by @jerryyoonphotographers
#WeddingPlanning Tip of the Day: A wishing tree 🌳is always a fun idea for your #guestbook. ⠀
It gives your guests a chance to share their hopes for you and doubles as both an activity and #weddingdecor 😉
_____ ⠀
📸 by @katewebber ⠀

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