Destination Wedding Venues in Paris (Part 3) – Museums

UPDATED – In the wake of the tragedy in Paris, my thoughts and hearts are with everyone in France and the families of the victims.  I was just in Paris, so it does not escape me that I could have been one of those people just out on a Friday night.  What happened is immensely sad and heartbreaking.  But, Paris never fails and it will always be one of my favorite places.  I have a deep love of the place, the culture, and the people.  Terrorists will not ruin that for me.  I will always love Paris and I stand with Paris.


Having a destination wedding in Paris and you just aren’t sure where?  You’ve come to the right place!  We’re taking you on a bunch of venue tours of some of our favorite Paris wedding venues.  So far we’ve covered some traditional French style mansions, Paris hotels and today we’re going to talk about museums.  Let’s face it, you can’t think Paris and not think of their world class museums.  Paris is the mecca of museums and today we’re going to share two of our favorites that you can rent for your wedding.

The first is the Jacquemart Andre Museum or the Musée Jacquemart-André.  Located on the high-end Boulevard Haussmann in the 8th arrondissement, this was once the home of an art-loving couple, Édouard André and Nélie Jacquemart.  These private collectors not only spent their time and money on art but on the design of their home and the decorating of it.  What I love about this wedding venue is that not only is it a museum with many lovely pieces, but it’s also a home.  You can just imagine the lavish parties they held here and then imagine your own!

To start our tour, I want to begin on the outside from the street.  What made the design of this home different from all the others was that the facade was set back, creating a break which attracted the eye. In addition, guests would enter on their horse-drawn carriage (today via car or my own two feet) which would take them up a ramp and lead them to the formal entrance and courtyard.








Such a grand entrance, right?  And you’re greeted with a surprise as you see the real front of the beautiful mansion and its open courtyard.  Imagine your guests entering your wedding and then welcomed with champagne.  Not a bad way to start off your destination wedding in Paris.  You can do your ceremony outdoors in this courtyard area or in a room inside.  Cocktails could also be outside as well if you are in the warmer months and want to take advantage of the weather.

Next we enter the museum and into Le Grand Salon, which is the main room.  It’s a semi-circular room with gold and blue tones and busts placed throughout the room.  This room can hold up to 90 people for dinner and could also be used for your ceremony as well.





The doors to the right of the Grand Salon lead to the Music Room.  This room is less ornate, but has red brocade walls and also has a second floor balcony which looks down on the room.  This room holds 90 people for dinner as well and could also be used for your ceremony.




Off of the Music Room is the Dining Room.  The Dining Room is also red and is known for it’s tapestries and frescoe ceiling.  This room holds 80 for dinner, looks out onto the courtyard and also has a terrace which is nice for weddings in warmer months.




Also off of the Music Room is the Winter Garden.  This was one of my favorite rooms for it’s patterned floor, skylight ceiling, and greenery.  While you can’t have dinner here, cocktails or possibly a small ceremony could be possible.  It’s a lovely and airy space.





The Winter Garden is also right next to the double staircase which leads to the rooms upstairs and would be great for photos or for a grand entrance.


So, those are the spaces available for your wedding, but I want to also show you just a small peek into some of the other rooms of the museum that your guests can visit as a part of your rental.  The decor, furnishings and paintings are all really interesting to look at.




Destination Wedding Planner_Mango Muse Events_Paris Destination Wedding_Jacquemart Andre Museum_Furnishings2



Beautiful, right?  The Jacquemart Andre Museum is a great option for your wedding as you can rent multiple rooms or just the rooms you need.  One important thing you should know is that they don’t allow dancing due to the nature of the museum and for its preservation.  You can bring in some low-key music, but no DJs, so if dancing is a big deal then this isn’t the right venue for you.  But, one of the best things about this museum is it’s built in beauty which means you won’t have to bring in too much decor wise.

The second museum I want to share with you is one that is very close to my heart.  The Rodin Museum or Musée Rodin is where I got married to my lovely husband and is located in the 7th arrondissement.  There are two parts to the museum, the museum itself located in the mansion and the gardens surrounding it.  It’s a beautiful and peaceful venue tucked away from the bustle of the city.  I obviously personally love it, but it really is a great place to have your wedding.

So, let’s start with the mansion itself which serves as a beautiful backdrop for photos. The museum portion of the Rodin Museum is located in the mansion which was once a home, a school and a hotel before it became a museum showcasing the works of Rodin.   There are two sides to the mansion, the front which you see as you enter the museum grounds and the back which looks out on the majority of the garden area.  The mansion is surrounded by gardens and sculpture including the famous sculpture, The Thinker.

Rodin Museum and Mansion a Destination wedding venue in Paris

Outdoor gardens at the Rodin Museum and Mansion a Destination wedding venue in Paris

The Thinker sculpture in the outdoor gardens at the Rodin Museum and Mansion a Destination wedding venue in Paris

Outdoor gardens at the Rodin Museum and Mansion a Destination wedding venue in Paris

Outdoor gardens at the Rodin Museum and Mansion a Destination wedding venue in Paris

While the inside of the mansion can be rented for your guests to view, the real draw is the amazing sculpture gardens.  They are beautiful and will be where you’ll have your ceremony, cocktail hour and where you’ll likely take all your photos.  The museum allows weddings up to 50 guests, so it’s perfect for a smaller, intimate wedding or an elopement.  You will do your ceremony or ceremony and cocktails here and then go elsewhere for the reception.

Outdoor gardens at the Rodin Museum and Mansion a Destination wedding venue in Paris

Outdoor gardens at the Rodin Museum and Mansion a Destination wedding venue in Paris

Outdoor gardens at the Rodin Museum and Mansion a Destination wedding venue in Paris

The gardens are quite large and have beautiful trees and flowers, but the focal point is the pool which lies across the lawn from the mansion.  The stairs and archway behind the pool make for a perfect area for a ceremony although there are many other areas you could choose as well such as the steps of the mansion, the lawn itself or amongst the trees.

Outdoor courtyard pool at the Rodin Museum and Mansion a Destination wedding venue in Paris

Outdoor courtyard pool at the Rodin Museum and Mansion a Destination wedding venue in Paris

The museum is currently under renovation but is unveiling it’s new pretty self this week.  So, these photos may not be exactly what it will look like after this week, but it will be close.  Also, keep in mind that my photos were taken at a few different times in the year, so the flowers will look a bit different from season to season.  One thing to note with the Rodin Museum is that they will only book your wedding through a wedding planner, which is someone you’ll want to hire anyway, but keep that in mind as you talk through your options.

Both of these museums are amazing and have such beauty that they are not hard to love.  Plus how awesome is it to get married at a museum in Paris?  Pretty awesome.  The Jacquemart-Andre Museum is a good pick for an indoor wedding and the Rodin Museum is perfect for an outdoor wedding.  If you want to share some culture and art with your guests, one of these museums is a great pick for your destination wedding in Paris.

Outdoor destination wedding in Paris at the Rodin Museum by Jamie Chang of Mango Muse EventsOutdoor destination wedding in Paris at the Rodin Museum by Jamie Chang of Mango Muse Events

Need some help planning your destination wedding in Paris (or elsewhere)?  We can help!  We are your destination wedding planning gurus and we’ll create an unforgettable wedding experience for you and your loved ones.  Don’t wait another moment! Contact us today.

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