Do you find yourself looking at wedding magazines or blogs and think, “This is all beautiful, but none of this looks like me”?

Jamie Chang, owner, mango lover, and destination wedding planning guru

Jamie Chang, owner, mango lover, and destination wedding planning guru

I completely understand. I became a wedding planner all because of a book. I saw a wedding book that was all about picking a theme and colors and as I was looking at it, I was appalled. Why were they trying to fit me into a box?  Then I saw it was the same everywhere I looked.  So, then I got a bit angry.  Nobody is just one thing, and why should you have to be?  You shouldn’t.

You aren’t just one thing or one category or one style or one color. You are a blend of all of your likes and the people and experiences that have shaped you. You are independent, non-traditional, easy going, and totally quirky and weird in your own way. You love to travel, eat, read, explore and spend time with your family and friends.

You want a destination wedding, one that is intimate, meaningful, fun and reflects who you are. You haven’t dreamt about this day your whole life and you don’t need or want an over the top wedding, but you do care about style and making the wedding yours. You want to be able to spend time with your loved ones and make memories together. You want it to be special. You want more than just a wedding, you want an experience.

I’m here to help you create your unique and meaningful wedding experience, so you can get married in Hawaii and have a classic rock band. You can get married in Tuscany and not have it be all about the wine. You can get married in Bali, but serve comfort food. This is why I do what I do because I care about you and I want to help create a wedding that brings you joy. For over 7 years I’ve had the honor of helping dozens of couples celebrate and design their destination wedding with joy, and I’d love to help you as well.

Let’s make your wedding experience a joyful one!  Click here to set up your free consultation.

Be you. Be happy.


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